Bonjour! I'm an English woman that fell in love with Tremolat back in 2006 whilst on holiday, bought a house and now live and work here with my Italian husband and two stray cats!  


This area of the Dordogne, in South-West France, has so much to offer - it's rich in history, has great value wines and food that make other French regions jealous.  And there are so many things to do, but finding out about them isn't easy - unless you know the locals.


So I have started to compile, in English, a list of events, activities and links for Tremolat and the surrounding area. I'm not a tourist office and my views are my own - trying to help you navigate through all the information so you can enjoy your visit to this wonderful place.  If you have any comments about the site, please email me

Shhh... it's a secret!

Tremolat in Dordogne

Tremolat is listed in The Telegraph's Travel section 'France's 20 best-kept secrets'.  Read more on what the paper's say about the Dordogne and why we love Tremolat.


Restaurants in Tremolat

This area of South-West France is renowned for its food and wine and in Tremolat we are lucky enough to have a Michelin star restaurant plus a bistro, a pizzeria, a wine bar and two ferme auberges.  Read our recommendations...

Things to do

Horse riding in the Dordogne river

Horse riding in the Dordogne river; water skiing in Tremolat; mini golf in the jungle; or a vintage theme park.  There's so much to do without going far.  Read more...

Bergerac wine

If you'd like to know more about this regions wine, join Duck & Truffle on a wine tour or enjoy one of their home wine tasting events. Read more...