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Martin Walker is an author, historian and also an Ambassador for the Dordogne.  His passion for local Bergerac wine is shared monthly in the local newspaper Le Bugle.


Martin moved to the Dordogne with his with Julia many years ago.  His love of food and wine and passion for history soon led him to write about the area and create a character to base his novels on - Bruno, Chief of Police.  


Read more about Martin here and read here how he became an Ambassador for the Dordngne.

Bruno, Chief of Police book series - 

mystery novels about a country policeman of the region called Bruno, who tries never to arrest anyone, usually manages to avoid wearing a gun and has long since lost the keys to his handcuffs. He falls in love a lot, but always with strong and independent women intent on their own careers who do not want to settle down with him and raise a family. But he lives in hope. 


Read about Martin Walker and the origin of the Bruno series


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